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Dear Colleagues & Friends:

Last week I attended the annual convention of the National Speakers Association.  There were approximately 3,000 people, and it was difficult to get a word in edgewise!  The theme for the year of 2006/2007 was “Speaking with Soul & Substance”.  It was chosen by the association president to emphasize both the soul and substance of each speaker’s message and content.  The Association theme was embraced by members and set the tone for the year.

At the end of the week, the Soul & Substance was replaced by the incoming president and his theme for 2007/2008.  The new theme is “NSA Rocks”.  It was announced with rock music, high energy and a membership base made up of approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of Baby Boomers.  The room was electrified as the new president tapped into the motivations, music and formative years of the membership.  Everyone in attendance received a tee shirt with the 2007-2008 dates of NSA Association workshops, conferences and meetings—much like the concert dates of a rock band.  After lunch, several people had changed clothes and were wearing the tee shirt.

The selection of the theme for NSA demonstrated to me the power of making a connection with your audience and target customers.  The incoming president was not just interested in selecting a theme; he wanted to motivate, excite and energize the membership.

In looking at the new and emerging travel market, Baby Boomers will play an increasingly important role, like it or not Xers and Gen Y.  But, a more important consideration for each of our businesses is the ability to motivate, excite and energize our customers, whether current, past or future.  An essential question for consideration is, “Do your products, services or experiences Rock your customers?”

Enjoy the summer and Rock ON!


Joe Veneto
The Opportunity Guy

Making the Most of Midweek!

One of the Travel Industries biggest challenges for suppliers and destination marketers is making the most of midweek. Due to consumer travel patterns and the ever shrinking vacation, American consumers tend to gravitate towards weekend trips. Savvy suppliers need to look at creative ways to increase midweek visitation.

For a quick hit, the first thought may be to pull the price lever and discount midweek. However, during a recent trip to Asheville, North Carolina I was pleasantly surprised by a very creative and innovative example of midweek marketing.

Upon the recommendation of a few locals, I was told to have dinner at Bouchon. It is a restaurant that bills itself as French comfort food. Having lived in France, I am always a bit skeptical of French restaurants and wonder if the food is indeed the real deal. Mon Dieu, I was pleasantly surprised with the menu, atmosphere and food! Even Remy from Ratatouille would have been happy with Bouchon (you may need to see the movie).

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Philadelphia launches Experiential Tourism brochure after a second round of product development

The Philadelphia CVB has completed a second round of innovative Experiential Product development and launched a new brochure highlighting over forty new experiences for groups. The products range from engaging experiences such as behind the scenes, hands-on and special access to complete visitor immersion experiences.
The PCVB began a strategic initiative back in 2004 to position itself as an Experiential destination. The premise was to engage and immerse visitors to the city with a host of new and innovative experiences. The Experiences were designed to reach the New & Emerging group travel market. This market is healthier, wealthier, better educated and better traveled than previous generations. The new experiences provide lots of new opportunities for groups to return to the city on multiple visits. In addition, the experiences easily translate to the needs of the Convention and Meetings markets.
To access the brochure go to and click on the group travel area where you will see a button for Experiences. The brochure with all the experiences is posted on the site.
The new experiences were developed and launched in collaboration with The Opportunity Guy who did on sight staging and development work with the various partners.  Congratulations to the Philadelphia CVB and their partners!

Special Offer—The Travel Packaging System

The Power of Travel Packaging System, a comprehensive toolkit to create compelling consumer travel packages is currently in use at over 250 destinations and travel suppliers throughout North America.

The system includes:


  • Easy-to-use content for the first timer or experienced travel packager
  • Turn-key templates for designing, pricing and administering packages
  • Planning tools for packaging strategy, marketing and distribution channels
  • Insights into package trends, models and possibilities
  • Proven techniques to drive visitation, revenue and profits
  • Comprehensive appendix and listing of Industry resources and distribution channels
  • Unique 'Step-by-Step' and 'Into Action' exercises to quickly apply concepts to your business

The System retails for $599. For a limited time, subscribers to Passport to Opportunity may purchase a copy for a special of $549, including shipping (regularly $25 - $35). In addition, the first 10 people who buy the System will receive a complimentary one-hour package consultation via telephone with The Opportunity Guy.

Go to for additional information, to download content and to purchase your copy. Your promotional code is 325791

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Stay for a Spell- The Harry Potter Package starting at $179 per room per night.

The Westin Kierland hotel in Scottsdale is one of several hotels that is creating some packaging magic with the release of the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series:

The package includes:

- A Harry Potter gift bag upon arrival

- Harry Potter Dive in Movies by the pool in the evening

- Deluxe hotel Accommodations for one night Friday July 20th

A Costume contest & Harry Potter themed activities

- Transportation via “Hogwarts Express” shuttle to Barnes & Nobles for the midnight release party to buy the book

- Additional nights available for a special rate of $99 per room.

For reservations call