2017 Experience Lab Reviews

"Visitors are looking for an Experience when they travel and the Experience Lab immerses you on a path and a plan to start the process."

Julie Pingston, Chief Operating Officer, Greater Lansing CVB

"The Lab opened my eyes to possibilities in our destination. Experiential Development is the key to developing memorable experiences that visitors will remember for a life time."

Rose Thomas, Content Specialist, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

"The Lab is absolutely worth the time and money! It's a whirlwind of new ideas and new approaches; I can't wait to get back and get started."

Rebekah Stauffacher, Services Manager, Greater Madison CVB

"It's not enough to talk about Experiential tourism, you need to experience it at the Experience Lab!"

Lori Konkler, Sales Manager, Visit Eau Claire

"The Lab taught me how to find my destination's hidden gems, polish them to create shiny new offerings and make lifelong memories for visitors."

Chandra Wright, nature Tourism Specialist

"The Lab has provided me with hope and motivation to take to Natchez and the National Park Service to engineer unforgettable visitor experiences."

Kathleen Bond, Superintendent, Natchez National Historical Park

2016 Experience Lab Reviews

"This is the second time I have attended the Experience Lab in a new city. It's re-energized my brain to want to do more!"

Cindy Eidson, Director of Product Development, Georgia Department of Economic Development

"The Lab has given me tremendous insight into ways to go about enhancing overall visitor experiences. This content has provided valuable direction and information that will help us and our attractions be more successful."

Kimber Foster, Director of Marketing, Grapevine CVB, TX

"The Lab is an invigorating way to garner the skills and tools necessary to transform your destination or attraction into an unforgettable one."

Brittany Lauro, Discover Newport, RI

"The Experience Lab transformed our way of thinking about our visitors, our product and our delivery! We were immersed in the who, what, when and why of creating a true experience for our guests. We came back motivated to implement, change and to execute those experiences."

Kevin Kuchenbecker, Historic Preservation Officer, Deadwood, SD

"Fast and furious, an avalanche of ideas.….even "ordinary" places can engineer extraordinary experiences. It is an absolutely engineered experience, with incredible attention to detail."

Kyle Hittner, Executive Director, Henderson County Tourist Commission, KY

"The Lab provides an exceptional experience and opportunity to learn how to create and deliver unforgettable experiences for our customers."

Brian Nagel, Director of Interpretation, Genesee Country Village and Museum, NY

"Forever changed! I have a new found appreciation for the art of developing new experiences."

Rhonda Okurowski, Director of Tourism, Macon-Bibb Convention and Visitors Bureau, GA

"While Joe brings the magic to the process, you walk away with a formula and critical eye. These tools will always be with you to assist your destination and attraction partners. Gifts that keep on giving.…..valuable experience for any tourism professional because we should never be in destination without a critical eye."

Samara Phelp, Development Manager, Oregon's Mount Hood Territory

"Overwhelming in a good way, immersive, intense, unique, engaging and thought provoking."

Janine Wachter, Director of Convention & Event Services, Visit Madison, WI

2015 Experience Lab Reviews

"In the highly competitive destination marketing industry, it is important to stand out from others in a memorable way. The Experience Lab taught me strategies to bring traditional attraction experiences to life by incorporating consistently delivered experiential opportunities. This will allow visitors to connect emotionally with the people and stories of our area."

Linda John, CDME, Executive Director VISIT Eau Clair, WI

"The Experience Lab was an immersive, fast-paced three-days which took us through the entire experiential product development process from beginning to implementation. The mobile workshops were invaluable to see how real tourism businesses and non-traditional partners have implemented the principles of the Experience Lab and have been re-invigorated in the process."

Amy McInnis, Travel Trade Market Consultant Tourism Saskatchewan, Canada

"The Experience Lab was FUN, educational and gave me new ideas to implement. I would recommend The Experience Lab to anyone planning event experiences"

Nannette Eiland, Director of Convention Services Fort Worth CVB, TX

"The Experience Lab was the best of all worlds-a little bit of classroom, a whole lot of Experience. The two combined provided a well-rounded understanding of the why and how destinations and their partners can successfully implement experiential tourism.

I would recommend The Experience Lab to any destination looking to create a competitive advantage with discerning travelers. The Lab philosophies are strategic, actionable and measurable."

Christine Lampe, Director of Marketing Greater Madison CVB, WI

"The Experience Lab was an excellent showcase of destinations and attractions' efforts to increase engagement opportunities for visitors. The Lab was a concrete example of how DMO's successfully encouraged/assisted their attractions and businesses to "step up their game' and invest in product development for the benefit of the destination.

I would recommend The Experience Lab to any DMO looking to experience examples and models of successful product development projects engaging industry partners."

Colette Boehm, Director of Special Projects Gulf Shores and Orange Beach CVB, AL

"The Experience Lab was not your typical conference. It was hands-on and immersive from early in the morning and into the evening. It gave me a glimpse into how destinations and attractions are implementing the concepts. You don't just read from a manual, your manual turns into reality and you are able to see how it can be incorporated into real amazing experiences for your destination. The Experience Lab's name is fitting-it is an experience indeed!"

Elvia Aguilar, Director of Brand Management Corpus Christi CVB, TX

"The Experience Lab was comprehensive and interactive. It was valuable to me because it demonstrated a realistic method for growth in expanding new markets.

I would recommend The Experience Lab, to anyone who wants to expand their tourism business."

Melissa Macaluso, Assistant to the Commissioner, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Augusta, ME

"The Experience Lab was an enlightening experience! I returned with fresh ideas and lots of energy to pull tourism partners together to build new opportunities that are marketable and memorable!

The Experience Lab helped me see our community from a different perspective. Everywhere I went, I thought about how a new experience could be created at my locations in which a visitor can emotionally connect."

Anna N. Enderli, Tourism Coordinator Baytown Tourism Office, TX

2014 Experience Lab Reviews

"The Experience Lab was a brilliant combination of theory and hands on learning. It's no secret that today's travelers are seeking experiences, and engineering these experiences will be a crucial component of any DMOs role in the future."

Jim McCaul, Content Manager, DMAI

"In my 30 years in Tourism, the Experience Lab was the most enlightening and worthwhile program I have ever attended. It provided an insightful process to create value for DMOs and their partners that provides "points of differentiation" to fulfill consumers desires. What a tremendous program."

Gary Stogner, Senior Marketing Director
Visit Tallahassee, Florida

"The Experience Lab was an exceptional learning experience. I was able to understand the Experiential Process and determine the steps to take what I learned home and apply to my destination. I highly recommend the Experience Lab!"

Jeri Knowlton, MBA, Executive Director
Marietta-Washington County CVB

"The Experience Lab was fast paced and jam-packed with fabulous mobile workshops. Being able to participate and understand the partner's backstories on the development of those experiences was invaluable. I had never traveled to Minneapolis before this trip and would go back based on the amazing experiences. The Experience Lab gave me the initial tools we need to get started in Hilton Head

Lindsay Fruchtl, Senior Marketing Manager
Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce & Visitor and Convention Bureau

"The Experience Lab was an amazing experience. It showed me that this sort of program is possible in any community. The Lab gave me a new sense of possibility and encouragement to start creating experiences in Independence . Joe definitely "ruined" me when it comes to experiences! The knowledge and resources that I derived from the Experience Lab are invaluable"

Cori Day, Director
City of Independence Tourism

"The Experience Lab was a tremendous opportunity for me to gain first-hand insight into developing offerings unique to my destination. The Lab was thorough, engaging, professional, and a lot of fun. It was also great to network with Industry colleagues. I'm energized as I consider ways to implement what was learned. Thank you Joe and team!

Kenny Smith, Director of Convention Services
Visit Tulsa

2013 Experience Lab Reviews

"My expectations were high - and the Lab delivered even more. The workshop content, visits to experiential attractions and the camaraderie among industry professionals hit the bulls eye. Learning is one thing, but getting down to really practical advice and a process to improve a destination's products - well, just awesome."

Mary Huggard, Vice President of Tourism Development
Visit Indy

"I'm so glad I participated in the Experience Lab. It was inspiring to realize through the experiential process that amazing moments can be developed at all kinds of attractions. As a DMO representative, it was eye-opening to be in another destination and experience great offerings that make lasting impressions. Thanks Joe for making your inspiration available for all of us!"

Scott Feltman, Director of Convention Marketing
Visit Orlando

"I was not really sure what was going to happen going into The Experience Lab but it 'over' achieved my expectations. The entire whirlwind week filled me with ideas and endless possibilities of what I could do in my own backyard! I came away totally invigorated and looking forward to elevating guest experiences from cookie cutter to memories that will last a lifetime...and create return visits!"

Julie Wearn, CEO
Roseville Visitor's Association

"I think that this is one of the 20 most valuable experiences I have had in my business life. Fun and informative, Joe you are an excellent teacher and a wonderful person! It comes through in the class room and also out in the labs."

Dixie L. Wyler, Sales Manager
Cambridge/Guernsey County VCB

"The Experience Lab was such an amazing session. It provided several "ah-ha" and numerous "wow" moments. The Experience Lab will bring you to think differently about your destination or attraction. You will return home with a fresh perspective, renewed energy and tools to improve your tourism assets… Sign up for the Experience Lab, you will not regret it! "

Brigitte Bélanger-Warner, Director of Sales & Marketing
Charlottesville Albemarle CVB

"The Experience Lab....opened our eyes to looking at experiences in a new way. We had no idea how many different layers exist to making it work at an optimum level, and how many opportunities we were not tapping into. I was so excited from this experience I could not wait to get back to work and put new ideas into motion. I left the Lab with a completely full Emotional Bank Account."

Wendy Zucal, Director
Dennison Railroad Depot Museum

"The Experience Lab is an eye-opening experiential process of discovering new ways to improve upon our destinations and their assets. Joe is inspiring with his vivacious demeanor and personal stories woven in to the fabric of the Lab. Attendees walk away armed with the know-how to improve upon existing attractions to create unforgettable "wow" experiences. My emotional bank account runneth over!"

Amanda Davis, Executive Director
Grove City Area VCB

"The Experience Lab really has opened my eyes to creating new experiences here in Providence. It seems everywhere I go here I am looking around thinking ok, what could I do with that. The workshop was top notch so well organized and such nice treats throughout the stay, Joe, you definitely know how to leave a lasting impression."

Kerri Furtado, Tourism Sales Manager
Providence Warwick CVB

"The Experience lab provided me with the foundations to work with my industry on improving the visitors experience by emotionally engaging them"

Alex Hurd, Tourism Sales Manager
Discover Newport

"The Experience Lab is a completely immersive and inspirational conference fueled by Joe Veneto's passion for experiential travel. Joe's methods are scalable for even small DMO's and his personal touch is extraordinary."

Chris Schutte, Executive Director
Greater Springfield (OH) CVB

2012 Experience Lab Reviews

"The Experience Lab opened my eyes to the possibilities to reinvent my destination, strengthen our brand and increase our visitation. It really showed me that product development means more than brick and mortar kinds of projects, it's about creating new, meaningful and transformational experiences that are authentic."

Brandy Evans, VP of Communications
Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau

"Joe Veneto's Experience LAB is a must attend for any tourism professional who is seriously interested in capitalizing on the power of experiential tourism. Joe makes the lab fun, entertaining, engaging, and educational. You'll leave the workshop with a much better understanding of what experiential tourism is and how you can apply it to your area."

Micheal Collins, Tourism Consultant
Nebraska Tourism Commission

"The Experience Lab really drove home the need for Go Wichita to get on board the "experience train". Building experiences will move us ahead of our competition in the area. Thank you, Joe and team!"

Jan Hiebert, Destination Group Sales Manager
Greater Wichita CVB

"What an amazing Experience!!!! Thanks so much to everyone at Experience Lab for changing the way that I will forever look at my destination and others. Also to everyone else who shared their challenges, ideas and opportunities."

Julia Foley, Marketing Director
Artspace at the West Edge, Shreveport, LA

"The Experience Lab opens your eyes to the great potential you have as a destination and nurtures the process of development. Ahh… to experience and immerse yourself in a destination instead of being an outsider looking in!"

Janie Lawson, CTIS, Tourism Sales Manager
Richmond Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau

"The Experience Lab gave me the tools to build an experiential travel program that will positively impact both my destination and our visitors. The principles outlined in the workshop provide the framework necessary to collaborate with partners to develop customized experiences for guests. By participating in the Experience Lab, I was able to experience programs built on Experiential principles."

Cara Rose, Executive Director
Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau

"The Lab exceeded any expectations I had I am overwhelmed with ideas for implementation in my county. I would highly recommend future Experience Labs to my fellow Ohio tourism marketers and Tourism Industry Colleagues!"

Tiffany Gerber, Tourism Manager
Tuscarawas County CVB

"The Lab itself was enlightening, challenging and encouraging. We had begun the process of developing new tours, but did not really have the tools; just the knowledge that we needed to reach a new plane of existence in the world of destinations. Immersed for those 3 days in the experiences, reviewing them, dissecting them and the process has breathed life and purpose into our mission and has allowed us to set goals for the future. We have now begun to formulate a plan, using the Lab models that will bring direction, focus and partners into the process. Thank you Joe and team for what you've created! We are on our way!"

Katherine Rice, Events and Group Tour Coordinator
Fremont/Sandusky County Convention & Visitors Bureau

"The Experience Lab was exciting and hands-on, it proved to be the most compelling, engaging and educational program of any conference I have attended!"

Wendy Link,
Holland, Michigan CVB

"I realized we have only scratched the surface. Now, I understand there is so much more opportunity for our destination with our current product."

Alan Sims, Vice President
Little Rock, Arkansas

"The Lab was amazing, it transformed my thinking about visitor experiences. I would absolutely recommend The Lab to every DMO who wants to create an unfair competitive advantage!"

Monique Sibilly-Hodge, Assistant Commissioner
US Virgin Islands Tourism

"The most profound aspect of the Experience Lab is that the principles of the Experience Formula are also delivered through the overall Lab experience. The Lab infuses the concepts of "creating the connections, nurturing the narrative and finding the feelings" and, as a result, had a profound impact."

Fowler Black, Sales Director
Paducah, Kentucky CVB

"Through a combination of presentations and hands-on experiences, Joe Veneto and The Experience Lab engineered the art of creating experiences. I now have a step-by-step process and toolkit to impact my destination."

Jennifer Huber
Charlotte Harbor VCB

"Joe, I have come to expect WOW from you; however, this workshop has been inspirational."

Phil Savignano
Maine Office of Tourism

"The Lab makes you stop and think about what you are doing to promote and market your destination's assets. The Lab provided an inside look at how Columbus, Ohio makes their history, assets and attractions come alive. I would highly recommend the Experience Lab."

Sergio Piedra
West Palm Beach, FL CVB

"I highly recommend The Experience Lab; it is one of the best events I have ever attended in the Tourism Industry. The Lab took experiential tourism far beyond what I had envisioned and provided real life working examples that provide Columbus, Ohio with a competitive market advantage; top notch in every way!"

Tyson Compton, Executive Director
Cabell-Huntington, WV CVB

"The Lab was extraordinary, it provided a comprehensive roadmap into the future of tourism product development and destination transformation."

Sam Rogers Executive Vice President
Visit Baltimore

"The Lab was amazing; it showcased a proven methodology available to all destinations. The Experiential development process provides a way to innovate existing assets without shovels, mixing cement or 30 years of debt service! I highly recommend it!"

Bill Deef, Vice President
Meet Minneapolis