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Maximize the unlimited opportunities in today's tour and travel industry with a strategic approach. Whether you represent a tourism association, regional destination, hotel group, attraction, cultural organization, hospitality company or tour operator, a comprehensive understanding of the tour and travel industry will grow your business. Opportunities Unlimited provides our partners with educational sessions that are fast-paced, and chock full of current useable information to grow and manage their business. Choose one of our popular existing programs or tailor a presentation to meet your needs.

The Power of Packaging
Create results for your city, state, region or tourism area with the power of packaging. This hot travel trend is revolutionizing the way travel products are being created, promoted and delivered. Uncover the forces of packaging, lifestyle trends and customer psychographics as well as shifting product types and changes in the distribution outlets. Understand the industry cycles of packaging, planning, pricing, promotion and purchasing to succeed. (For Workshop Sessions: Participants will work in small groups to create packages and powerful new products for market segments and industry niches.) Profit from the power of packaging.

Get Turned ON in the Off Season
Most destinations and travel products have an off-season! The ability to create and attract new business during your Off season may be the difference between survival and success. This seminar provides creative tools and techniques to get you "Out of the Box" to develop new products for the Off season. You will uncover the unique strengths of your product or destination and discover how to promote it in new and exciting ways. Product models of successful DMOs, travel suppliers and tour operators will also be uncovered. You will get turned ON!

Cultural Tourism: Building Bridges for Tourism with Cultural Connections
Cultural attractions provide an invaluable and renewable resource for repeat visitors to a destination or tourism region. This program creates a bridge for Cultural Organizations to build products to fit the needs of the Travel Industry. Gain comprehensive knowledge of travel products, industry trends and consumer buying to connect culture with travel suppliers. Building bridges with cultural connections will create economic success for both cultural organizations and the travel industry.

From Age to Affinity
Both the group tour and individual travel markets are shifting. Understanding and making sense of consumer behavior will continue to be increasingly more complex. What will motivate consumers to travel? What type of products and experiences will people be looking for? What will be destinations of choice? These are just some of the questions tour & travel suppliers will need to answer to attract the new travel consumer and motivate past visitors to return again. You will learn about new trends and motivating interests that are shaping travel and connecting consumers in the marketplace. The marketplace is moving; are YOU?

Big Marketing for Travel Suppliers & Tour Operators
Travel Suppliers and Tour Operators must think big and develop creative marketing strategies to compete in the marketplace and grow their business. You will gain a host of creative and successful ideas to take your company to the next level. Topics include innovation with brochures & catalogues, printed promotions & marketing materials and newsletters. In addition, learn tips on free public relations, partnership marketing and corporate giving to create marketplace visibility. You will also discover trends in relationship marketing, travel clubs and client gatherings to grow your business. Learn the big marketing secrets that get results!

Mining for Gold with Groups
Tour groups such as churches, bank travel clubs, fraternal organizations and employee associations are gold if you know how to mine the opportunities. This seminar provides the tools and techniques essential for success for this unique segment of the package travel industry. You will learn to prospect and identify various group types, as well as qualify prospective clients and obtain commitment. Uncover the best ways to cultivate group leaders, the products that are most appealing and how to build long term partnerships. Unlock the secrets of promotion, servicing, product delivery and the fourth sale! Diversify your business base and increase your profitability. Go for the Gold with groups!

UFEs, UFOs & U-The Customer Connection
Are your connections with customers making deposits in their emotional bank accounts? For destinations, travel suppliers and tour operators, the ability to keep current customers coming back and attracting new guests is essential for success. Your customer connections create bonds that ultimately build your marketplace brand. UFEs, the magic moments of the travel experience, are the building blocks of successful travel products. Discover how UFEs will create UFOs for U!

Taking Your Show on the Road
Create results and grow your business at Conventions, Trade Shows, or Sales Appointments. This program provides industry professionals with the tools and competencies to succeed in the Marketplace. You will understand appointment dynamics, acquire savvy sales skills and enhance your visibility with memorable marketing techniques. The industry cycles of planning, packaging, pricing, purchasing and promotion will plug you into the market at the right time. You will succeed when you take your show on the road!

Tourism 101: The Tour & Travel Industry Basics and Beyond
Lift, load factor, receptives and tiered pricing. DMOs, NTA, GDS, and MAP. Cryptic words and acronyms abound in the tour and travel industry, and so do the opportunities. This seminar deciphers the mysteries of the business and offers a clear understanding of tour and travel products so you will maximize your time, energy and return. Starting with the basics, you will be presented with an overview of the industry and its various segments. Then, you will uncover which distribution outlets will achieve the best results for your product, service or destination. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you will profit from this comprehensive program on the tour and travel industry.


Maximize the unlimited opportunities in today's travel industry with a strategic approach. Whether you represent a travel agency association, national consortium, regional agency group or travel agency office, a comprehensive understanding of the travel and tourism industry will grow your business. No one understands the industry better than Opportunities Unlimited. Our educational sessions are fast-paced, and chock full of current useable information to grow and manage your business. Choose one of our popular signature programs or tailor a presentation to meet your needs.

How to Be a Big Fish by Effective Marketing in Your Pond
The business of working "ON" your business will create the synergy necessary to thrive not just survive in today's turbulent marketplace. Learn the tools and techniques to continually feed your customer base by creating your unique identity and psychic real estate in the marketplace. Discover Big Marketing strategies through original marketing, media and visibility, client gatherings and giving back to your community. Working "ON" your business with effective marketing will ensure your agency is a Big Fish in your pond!

Mining for Gold with Groups
Travel groups such as churches, bank travel clubs, fraternal organizations and employee associations are gold if you know how to mine the opportunities. This seminar provides you with the tools and techniques essential to create a solid agency group base that will impact bottom line profits. You will explore the benefits and opportunities available through the creation of product partnerships for your groups. Then, you will learn the process of mining for groups. This will include prospecting, qualifying leads, obtaining commitment, product strategy, promotion and servicing the sale. Diversify your business base profitably by mining for gold with groups.

Customer Focused Selling
In today's travel sales environment, establishing a relationship with customers is the key to your success. The process of building trust and credibility is both consultative and collaborative. This program focuses on understanding how buyers buy and the tools to identify your customers' motivating factors. You will uncover the different social styles of customers that will allow you to maximize your effectiveness in the sales process. You will achieve results with customer focused selling.

Prospecting - The Key to Group Business
Prospecting is the key to casting your net and uncovering profitable group business. This session provides you with the tools and techniques for the process of discovering groups of people with two essential ingredients, time and money. You will learn how to break down your town, region or area to uncover groups that will travel. You will also explore the various categories of group types and understand how to best meet their travel needs. Finally, you will learn to qualify new leads and obtain information you need to achieve best results.

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