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Our Signature Sessions are the most popular programs presented to the Tourism, Hospitality and Service related industries. They are designed to be general sessions or keynote programs that are strategic in nature. You will find key concepts and ideas that will be immediately useful and translatable to your business.

The Secrets of Travel Packaging Success

Create results for your tourism region, lodging property, attraction, arts organization, restaurant or tour company with the secrets of packaging success. This hot travel trend is revolutionizing the way travel products are being created, promoted and purchased. You will uncover the marketplace forces of packaging, on-line packaging models and consumer psychographics that influence buying decisions. In addition, you will learn a process to tap into the most popular package product types and the different elements of package components to design your own compelling products. Finally, you will learn how to create package sizzle with the 4 Ts & Events that connect with the interests and affinities of your customers. You will be able to immediately transfer the packaging secrets to your business to generate results.

Experiences - From Concept to Competitive Advantage

Visitors select destinations and travel products, but what they really want are experiences! Whether you are a DMO, CVB, hotel, attraction, cultural organization or operator, your key to success is the "experience" you provide. Today's consumers are healthier, wealthier and more discerning. You will uncover leverage points to enhance your products and services as well as understand the psychographics and motivation of today's travelers. Models of successful product experiences and brainstorming exercises will demonstrate new possibilities. You will have actionable ideas in hand to create competitive advantage with your experiences.

Get Turned ON in the Off Season

Most destinations and travel products have an off-season! The ability to create opportunities and attract new business during your Off season may be the difference between survival and success. This session provides creative tools and techniques to get you "Out of the Box" to develop new products for the Off season. You will uncover the unique strengths of your product, service or destination and discover how to promote it in new and exciting ways. Product models of successful DMOs, travel suppliers and tour operators will also be presented. You will get turned ON!

Web Tourism - Strategies to Deliver Travel Products & Packages On-line

The dynamics of consumer travel research, buying and the booking process have been changed by the Internet. To be competitive, DMOs, travel suppliers and travel packagers need to embrace the new on-line paradigm. This session uncovers the various on-line package and product models used by destinations and travel suppliers. You will tap into the Web trends, tools and techniques essential for on-line packaging success. In addition, you will review a number of Web sites where destinations as well as travel suppliers have successfully incorporated these Web strategies into their business model.

Driving Opportunities - Creating Year-Round Business

The local, in-state and regional drive markets will provide year-round business opportunities for your organization. This session focuses on leveraging business with the 4Ps: Pulse, Positioning, Products and Partnerships. First, uncover the Pulse of the Industry to increase results both strategically and tactically. Then, learn to Position your products and services to meet current market needs and consumer requests. Next, discover new Product development opportunities for packages and promotion. Finally, leverage your business through strategic Partnerships for products, promotion and new customers. You will drive year-round opportunities for your business.

UFEs, UFOs & U-Your Customer Connections

Are your connections with customers creating opportunities by making deposits in their emotional bank accounts? For destinations, travel suppliers and service organizations, the ability to keep current customers coming back and attracting new guests is essential for ongoing success. Your customer connections create the bonds that ultimately build your marketplace brand. UFEs (Unforgettable Experiences) are the magic moments of your product experience. They are the building blocks of successful marketplace products. Discover how UFEs will create UFOs (Unforgettable Opportunities) for U!

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