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Workshops & Facilitation Services:

Opportunities Unlimited provides workshops and facilitation services. These are designed with timely information, high energy and hands on learning experiences

Workshop sessions allow participants to translate key concepts, techniques and methodologies to their business models. They integrate market changes, hot trends and shifts to successfully maximize opportunities with products, services and sales efforts.

Workshop programs include:

  • Context Selling: Converting Customers and Creating Advocates
  • The Power of Packaging Travel Products
  • Customer Focused Selling
  • The Art of the Deal (advanced travel packaging)

Road Shows

The Opportunity Guy also takes his workshops on the road for organizations that would like to provide multiple sessions for their organization and partners.

Facilitation Services:

Our facilitation services assist organizations with strategic planning, board retreats, and creativity/ brainstorming sessions.

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Workshop Sessions:

Context Selling: Converting Customers and Creating Advocates

The key to effective selling and generating long term sustainable results is understanding your customer's sales context. Today's sophisticated and fast paced business environment requires that sales professionals put their customer's perspective and outcomes first in order to successfully generate results.

Context Selling presents an understandable three-step sales process that is customer focused and easy to incorporate into any sales situation. It works in a variety of sales environments such as outside sales appointments, inside sales, and call center selling situations. Participants learn valuable skills that enable them to easily diagnose a customer's needs, probe the complete context, customize solutions as well as positioning, and overcome objections to convert prospects into customers. Context selling provides participants with interactive exercises and hands-on sales scenarios to build skills that are immediately transferable to actual sales situations. They will also gain new found confidence in their ability to generate new business and leverage new opportunities from existing customers. Context Selling will convert customers and create advocates for sustainable results.

Session Outline:

  • What is Context Selling?
  • The Power of Selling in Context
  • The Five Contexts for Business and Consumer Sales Situations
  • Using your Lens to Focus on the Customer's Sales Experience
  • Discovering your Customer's Fundamental Needs
  • Probing to Uncover your Customer's Hidden Needs and Drivers
  • Customizing Solutions to Fit your Customer's Context
  • Proposing Solutions using a Customer-Compelling Strategy
  • Converting your Prospects to Customers
  • Neutralizing Objections
  • Integrating the Context Selling Process into Your Style

Who Should Attend: This session is designed for experienced sales professionals, those new to sales as well as customer service professionals who are expanding their selling responsibilities.

The Power of Packaging: (Half Day)

Create results for your tourism region, hotel, attraction, museum, restaurant or tour company with The Power of Packaging. This hot trend is revolutionizing the way travel products are being created, promoted and purchased. You will discover lifestyle trends, customer psychographics and the marketplace forces affecting packaging. In addition, you will uncover the shifting product types and changes in the distribution outlets to maximize your success. You will obtain a template for creating packages and gain insight into the industry packaging cycles for planning, promotion and purchasing.

Participants will then spend time working in small groups to create packages and new products for various market segments and industry niches. You will leave the session with packages in hand ready to promote in the marketplace. You will profit from "The Power of Packaging".

Packaging-The Art of the Deal: (Full Day)

The "Art of the Deal" encompasses a comprehensive day of training on all aspects of creating compelling travel packages. This program provides a foundation of key industry and marketplace indicators that affect travel packaging. Then, you will obtain tools and techniques for creating unique travel packages. This will include an in depth review of package pricing, partnership, administration and operational components. You will also review the industry cycles, niche market segments and distribution outlet opportunities to ensure package success. Finally, travel industry package models will be highlighted to demonstrate packaging techniques.

Participants will then spend time in small groups developing new packages and products for key market segments and industry niches. You will leave the session with packages in hand to promote. You will profit from "The Art of the Deal".

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